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    Shanghai NTC Machinery Co., Ltd. (“NTC” for short) was established in 2000. "NTC" and “En DE Ke” are the company's trademarks consistent with the company’s name. NTC is the sole owner of the “NTC” trademark and the “NTC Machinery” brand. NTC has been specializing in the manufacture, sale, technical consultation and after-sales services of industrial temperature control equipment for 15 years, having accumulated a wealth of practical experience and cases in a various fields of industrial temperature control. At the same time, NTC is also a leading manufacturer of mold temperature controllers in China in terms of the production output and services. NTC maintains long-term strategic partnership and cooperation with specialized temperature control and mold temperature controller manufacturers in Japan, Germany, Italy and other countries, and has established the enterprise-university-institute cooperation with Beijing University of Chemical Technology and other renowned specialized higher education institutions, to constantly develop and introduce technologically leading products, and thus meet the needs of different industries for temperature control. NTC has become a specialized manufacturer of temperature control equipment unanimously recognized by the industry and customers. Shortly after the establishment of NTC, it passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System in 2002, and the all series of temperature control products have passed the CE certification. NTC's main products include all types of water type and oil type mold temperature controllers, conduction oil heaters, die-casting mold temperature controllers, mold temperature controllers for the temperature control of rubber extruders, industrial chillers, cooling waterway cleaning equipment and so on. NTC has set up factories in Shanghai and Jiangsu Province, and established sales and service offices in Beijing, Dalian, Tianjin, Suzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Dongguan, Xiamen and other places, providing our customers with high quality products and sound services. In the meantime, the products are also exported to Germany, the United States, Australia, Japan, India, Southeast Asia and many other countries. NTC is determined to build the best brand of mold temperature controller and industrial temperature control equipment in China, and provide cost-effective temperature control equipment with leading international technology standards and reasonable prices. The products have been widely used in plastic injection molding, extrusion, magnesium alloy casting, chemical, cables, rollers, reactor, rubber tires, calendaring, shoe materials, printing, drying, banburying and other industries.

    The mold cleaning technology is another innovative field of NTC. NTC took the lead in China in proposing the concept of mold cooling waterway self-cleaning. It developed and launched the mold cooling water passage cleaning machine and applied for patent for the product, to solve the long existing problem of  the self-cleaning of mold cooling waterways at the forming clients, dominating the largest share of the mold waterways cleaning market.

    In recent years, NTC has been promoting the application of energy saving philosophy and technologies to industrial temperature control field, and has introduced the most advanced mold dry ice cleaning and adiabatic closed-type cooling system technologies and products in the world, to enable customers to improve production efficiency and product quality through more eco-friendly ways. "Creating value for customers" is our consistent operation tenet; it is our business philosophy to pursue scientific and technological innovation, serve customers based on integrity, seek development through quality, and maintain sustainable growth through specialization.

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